The Palm Beach County Jewish community remains one of the most densely Jewish populated areas in the nation. The percentage of Jewish households of total households in the southern areas, for example, approaches 50 percent, leading one official to quip that, “to find a greater density of Jews, you’d have to go to Israel.”

Today, Chabad can take justifiable pride in contributing to Boynton Beach’s burgeoning Jewish life as it takes its place among an ever-growing roster of pioneering Jewish communities nurtured and developed by Chabad across America and throughout the world.

Nestled on 5 acres, surrounded by thousands of homes, Chabad-Lubavitch of Boynton is the classic Jewish community center, but much, much more. Torah-true Judaism reverberates throughout the campus as Jews of all ages, spend their day, partially or fully,  immersed in Jewish life.

An opulent Women's Mikvah serves Jewish women from the entire county, each evening, while a separate vessel Mikvah has been recently added as well.

Chabad’s Beit Blumi JECC Pre-School has been awarded the highest possible rating by county and state educational officials for six consecutive years.

Its adult education institute, The Greater Boynton Community Kollel is the spiritual home to hundreds of registered students seek to grow in their Jewish knowledge and studies.

Indeed, Past Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson noted: "Chabad seems to be on a non-stop mission, it just never stops." 

Chabad's endearing, warm and welcoming style attracts Jews of all ages, to feel comfortable no matter their background, level of observance or ability to pay.

Established in 1994, Chabad has grown from a small nucleus of local Jews, to a full service, 600 member family Synagogue and an outreach and educational campus for thousands.