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Chabad-Lubavitch of
Greater Boynton– Beis Menachem
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Nurturing, with love, the seeds of our future. A Reggio-Emillia Inspired Early Childhood Education Center.
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A dynamic, vibrant center of Torah study for all.
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G-d’s gateway to purity and holiness.
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20 square miles of enhanced Shabbat sanctity
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Caring. Giving. Loving.
The Community's address to help confront life's challenges.
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A glimpse into the past,
present and exciting future.
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Judaism’s future depends on it.
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Mission Statement
One G-d. One Torah. One People. One Holy Land.
Tradition. Connection. Inspiration. Joy. Growth.
Our commitment to Jewish Community Building since 1994
Sunday & Legal Holidays - 7 AM & 8 AM | Monday-Friday - 6:30 AM & 8 AM
Sunday -Thursday - 5:45 pm | Friday - 5:50pm
Shabbat & Holidays
Friday Night
5:50 PM
Hashkama Ashkenaz
7:30 AM
Main Minyan
9:00 AM
Teen Minyan
10:30 AM
Children’s Services
10:00 AM
5:45 PM
6:40 PM
Services Message
Weekly Kiddush following Main Service
Weekly Shalosh Seudot following Mincha
Upcoming Events
The oasis in time best enjoyed with others.
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A traditional date with G-d. Holiness done joyously.
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Unity. Connection. Friendship. Celebrate with extended family.
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The Jewish Future. Ensure yours is present!
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