Presenting brand new community programming
dedicated to the safe return of our brethren held hostage in Gaza
and for the miraculous victory of the IDF in their every endeavor.

Spearheaded by Ms. Chaya Ciment,
the newest member of Chabad's leadership staff,
these ongoing new programs include;
Torah classes for young ladies 20-30,
classes for young moms of Beit Blumi Pre-School,
evening classes for faculty and administration,
a Bat-Mitzvah club for early teen girls,
a weekly Torah class for all community women
and home-baked challot and Shabbat goodies
delivered with spirit, hope and prayer for Israel
to fellow community member's homes.

For more information on these new programs and classes
and/or to speak with Chaya Rivka please call Chabad's office 561-732-4633.
Stay tuned for upcoming