A Shul where each Jew is warmly welcome! We have a seat waiting for you!
Our Synagogue

Orthodox or not, each and every Jew, regardless of their background, affiliation or level of observance is genuinely welcome to become a part of our Synagogue family. The beauty of our Congregation is its diversity. Our pride is the unity of equals. A Jew is a Jew, is a Jew, is a Jew.

Labels are for shirts, not Jewish souls.  From the observant and learned man to those who have just been exposed to their heritage, we are one, equal, incredible, extended family.  Whether you are a resident of the area or considering to become one, a snowbird, a snowflake or a visitor, if you are Jewish you can call us home.

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Please allow yourself the opportunity to visit and experience our services, classes and programs. We are proud of our commuity and we are confident that you will be pleased. Would you be interested in a private tour, please call 561-732-4633 to make an appointment. Or just drop by and say hello! .

For more info feel free to contact us at 561-732-4633