Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Boynton's Woman’s Community Mikvah is perhaps one of the most unique of its kind in the entire South Florida. Mei Menachem Young Family Mikvah is a $500,000 breathtaking facility.

The huge investment concentrating on this one institution, demonstrates the critical importance and priority placed on this foundation of Jewish life.

Just recently archeologists uncovered in Jerusalem several Mikvahs, thousands of years old. The Massada Mikvah continues to be a renowned tourist attraction. Throughout the ages, Mikvahs have taken form in a dizzying array of designs.

Countless times in our persecuted history, Mikvahs were illegal. Those facilitating one, could be punished by death. Obviously this did not deter the legendary, heroic Jewish Woman. As recently as the last century, many, many thousands literally broke the thick ice on Russian winter nights and immersed in the natural bodies of water nearest to their respective villages.

Other eras found door handles under a carpet on the kitchen floors which, when pulled, revealed that community’s hidden, underground Mikvah. Jewish life’s soul, the living waters of Mikvah and the preservation of Jewish Family Purity was kept intact under the direst of circumstances.

In our glorious country and the entire western world, persecution against the Mikvah has taken on a different form. Ignorance, apathy and rampant uneducated misconceptions have removed Mikvah from its central function of Jewish life in a community.

While centuries ago we were forced to hide our Mikvah, today’s challenge is to be able to finance and promote it in grandeur which posits it as a most welcoming and appealing “go to” spa-like oasis for every Jewish woman.

Thus the birth of Mei Menachem of Greater Boynton. From the original art on its walls, to its copper dome overhead, the graceful and serene beauty of this facility makes any visitor feel very much at home.

This sole Mikvah in northern Palm Beach County is a fusion of the lofty heights of spirituality with the most glamorous of physical aesthetics and amenities. The formula has worked! Thousands of women; some for the first time, some each month, some tourists and some visiting for their first and last needed time, have utilized this bastion of spiritual meaning and haven for pampering glamour, since its completion in 2007.

You are more than welcome to visit and/or arrange a private tour. The Mikvah is open by appointment only. Please call 561-734-2201 three days in advance of your visit to make an appointment.