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Joy. Unity. Celebration & Tribute
Shabbat Shirah - The Shabbat of Song - 5779

Featuring Jewish Music's Superstar

Mordechai Shapiro

January 18 - Leading Kabbalat Shabbat: 5:45 PM
January 19 - Shabbat Tefillot: 9:00 AM

Saturday Night, January 19 • 8:00 PM
At park Vista Auditorium • 7900 South Jog

Mordechai Shapiro Live in Concert

Mordechai Shapiro Live In Concert!

Reserved Seating Available Upon Request @ $50 Per Seat

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Saluting Chabad's Newest Founders

This evening’s honorees join distinguished major benefactors whose generous support of Chabad reflect their respective, genuine dedication to Judaism and to the Jewish people. Their commitment will be acknowledged, for generations to come, in the campus’ main lobby Mural of Tribute.

Chabad's New Grand Founder:

Alan & Marlene Zavodnick

ALAN & MARLENE ZAVODNICK’S first Shabbat in our community, almost 2 decades ago, quickly became the day that he was appointed Chabad’s GC for the then dream of Chabad’s “Campus for Living Judaism.” Alan, and his late brother Steven A’h, did build the campus. But since then, the Zavodnicks have not stopped “building.” Marlene is Administrator of the Community Women’s Mikvah and Chairs many of the community’s holiday projects and events. Alan helps shoulder projects, construction-related or otherwise, on a daily basis. This couple’s unsung service to the community is matched, only, by their equally generous financial support. A remodeling of The Zavodnick Daily Sanctuary was one of Alan’s latest projects. A custom-made, Aron Hakodesh with matching Bimah, together with gold trimmed, floor to ceiling library shelving has transformed the sanctuary into a resplendent center of prayer and Torah study for hundreds, on a daily basis. Chabad’s Grand Founder Award awarded to Alan and Marlene tonight, will remain as a living testament to their beloved parents, of blessed memory, and as an everlasting meritorious tribute to their memory.

Chabad's New Founders:

Rochelle Klein

ROCHELLE KLEIN and her late husband Stuart, a’h, have been with Chabad since it began 25 years ago. Stu was a gentle, pure and brilliant soul. Together they shared a quest for spirituality. Rochelle’s care for Stuart and for her mother, of blessed memory, was legendary. Rochelle, a talented interior designer, shepherded the design and installation of five, beautiful, holiday stained glass windows which crown the Main Sanctuary Aron Hakodesh. Two of these five portals of light, are endowed by Rochelle for Stu and her mother Sylvia Bloom a’h. Her passionate love for Hashem, Torah and Jewish tradition have made her an inspiration to many. Chabad’s Founder Award is presented to Rochelle this evening.

Joachim & Gerrie Rudoler

JOACHIM & GERRIE RUDOLER are from the founders of the now, well-established Cherry Hill, NJ Jewish Community. There, they influenced each stage of its development. Their commitment to Jewish community in America is stapled to an unbreakable bond and love they share for Israel. They have partnered with JNF in creating several major projects that will benefit generations of Israeli Jews to come. They are active, prominent JNF lay-leaders and major supporters. Achim’s community building experience, sharp business acumen and discerning eye for quality, has been a gift to Chabad. Through his encouragement, friendship and support, they have enhanced Chabad’s development in many significant areas. With distinct honor we award tonight these cherished and beloved friends, Chabad’s Founder Award.

Beverly Skolnick

BEVERLY SKOLNICK and her late husband, Arnold a’h, were partners. As parents, grandparents, and now great-grandparents, they shared an endearing dedication to their family and commitment to Torah. Arnold’s affinity for Chazzonus and Jewish music was most evident when he led, magnificently, our Shabbat and holiday services. In eternalizing this memory, Beverly has brought some of Judaism’s top singers to lead our community’s Shabbat services and perform a live concert at Chabad’s annual “Weekend of Pure Joy,” currently in its seventh year. Each year, upwards of 700 men, women and children experience pure Simcha, thanks, singularly, to Beverly’s generosity. These major sponsorships crown her extra-ordinary friendship and unflinching loyalty to Chabad. Tonight we extend a community’s heartfelt appreciation and Chabad’s everlasting thanks, by awarding Beverly Chabad’s Founder Award.

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Commencing The Writing of
a New Torah of Unity

Each of Torah’s letters are irreplaceable and indivisible. By dedicating a part of Torah, even just one letter, it is considered as one would be writing their own, complete, Torah scroll.

Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Boynton and the Zavodnick and Samberg families, invite you to join in the rare opportunity to acquire a portion in a brand-new Torah, considered as your fulfillment of Torah’s final, 613th, commandment.

In Everlasting Memory:

Sam Zavodnick
Sam Zavodnick
Lucille Zavodnick
Lucille Zavodnick
Steve Zavodnick
Steve Zavodnick
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