Yahrtzeit PLaque


I/We wish to reserve Memorial Yahrzeit Plaque(s) at the 2012 rate of $600 per plaque.

I/we realize that as of January 1, 2013, each Yahrzeit plaque will increase to $750 per plaque.

First name in Hebrew AND English of dear departed one: MI Last name of dearly departed Hebrew Name of Father of dear departed
The date of passing was Day/Month/Year/time of death* If known; Hebrew Date of Passing; Day, Hebrew Month, Hebrew Year (Yahrzeit)

Please have my purchased plaque(s) listed as Reserved. Information will be forthcoming.

*This will establish the annual Yahrzeit to be commemerated by the departed loved ones. Yahrzeit reminders will be sent in perpetuity to all whom you desire. Yahrzeit of this individual will be marked with an electric lamp turned on, each Yahrzeit, in our main sanctuary for perpetuity.

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