The Chai Club

Celebrating 18 extra-ordinary years of Jewish Community building. Countless thousands have had their lives enriched.

Your Chai commitment will infuse new life and vitality into the continued robust growth of our acclaimed community institutions. Let your money create everlasting change.

In conjunction with this 18th milestone year, I wish to add my Chai to benefit Jewish Life.


I/we wish to become a member of Chabad's "Chai-Club."
Deduct $18 each month, for 12 months. Deduct $ as my end of year contribution in honor of this milestone.*
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Total Number of Members Campaign Total Lives Changed
1 at $18/month $216 New Tefillin for a Needy Jew
50 at $18/month $2,016 Kosher Kitchen of a Needy Family
100 at $18/month $21,600 Underwrite a Community-Wide Holiday Awareness Program
500 at $18/month $108,000 Upgrade Recreation/Playground Equipment for JECC Children
1,000 at $18/month $216,000 Endowement of the Community Kollel
1,800 at $18/month $388,000 Endowement of the JECC Preschool


An updated listing of Chai Club members will be regularly posted on our website and on all publications during this milestone year. Help make this exclusive club become a significant source of Chai - Life! Please join today! Please help by enrolling others!**

*Any donation over $1800 will be recognized on The Founders Wall of Tribute in our Campus' Main Lobby. If you are already recognized,your increased total will be reflected in your category of giving change on this Wall of Gratitude.

**Your solicitation of $1800 or more of new gifts will be reflected on The Wall of Tribute.