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A recent study cites Boynton Beach, Florida as having the fastest growing Jewish population in Palm Beach County - itself the fastest growing Jewish community in the United States.* Boynton Beach is Palm Beach County's trailblazer with over 26,000 Jewish households and 53,000 Jews, an increase of 63 percent in the six years through December 2005. No other county community approaches that rate of growth.

Other notable study highlights include:

  • Contrary to South Florida’s popular “snowbird” image, nearly 80 percent of the Jewish population live here full-year (defined as eight months of the year or more). 7,350 additional people in Jewish households are moving to Palm Beach County annually.
  • The Palm Beach County Jewish community remains one of the most densely Jewish populated areas in the nation. The percentage of Jewish households of total households in the southern areas, for example, approaches 50 percent, leading one Federation official to quip that, “to find a greater density of Jews, you’d have to go to Israel.”
  • 30,000 people in Jewish households moved to Palm Beach from either Broward or Dade counties since the last studies were done in 1999
  • Nearly 19,000 children, newborns to 17-year-olds, are Jewish, up from 11,450 in the last surveys, a countywide increase of 65 percent.
  • Ties to Israel are strong. Nearly 60 percent of households who has traveled there, and a like number rate themselves attached” to Israel.
  • A sense of Judaism remains strong. Ninety-five percent have been involved in a Jewish activity within the last year.

Today Chabad can take justifiable pride in contributing to Boynton Beach’s burgeoning Jewish life as it takes its place among an ever-growing roster of pioneering Jewish communities nurtured and developed by Chabad across America and throughout the world. Indeed, virtually anywhere that Jews are to be found one now finds a thriving Chabad center giving its all to ensure the existence and vitality of local Yiddishkeit Florida is home to some 137 Chabad-Lubavitch Centers making it the third most Chabad enriched state in the union, after New York and California. Of these, over a dozen are in Palm Beach County alone.

Nestled on three acres, surrounded by tens of thousands of homes, Chabad-Lubavitch of Boynton is certainly one of the more prestigious synagogues and Jewish centers in the region. It has already outgrown its $4 million dollar, 15,000 square foot facility. A $400,000 community Mikvah is slated for completion by early summer 2006. In true Palm Beach style, it promises to be one of the most luxurious of its kind anywhere in the world. Chabad’s newly constructed pre-school facility is currently undergoing its finishing touches.

"Chabad seems to be on a non-stop mission, it just never stops" exclaims Burt Aaronson, the County Commissioner.

"The beauty of our community is the kaleidoscope of all types of Jews. Participants from surrounding communities include traditional Shomer Shabbat families, those who choose to send their children to Hebrew School, and those who simply partake in one or more of the synagogue’s myriad functions. Chabad's endearing, warm and welcoming style attracts hundreds of families to join the community regardless of their degree of observance." says Rabbi Ciment.

From a starting nucleus of a handful of Jews, the congregation has grown to over 500 member families, and continues to welcome dozens of new homebuyers every month.

Located just a few miles up the road, on the corner of Jog Road and Gateway Blvd, is the  Jewish Federation of Palm Beach satellite campus and the beautiful Henry and Ida Hochman Jewish Community Center. This wonderful facility features a wide variety of programming replete with spa, fitness center, adult and youth sports leagues, aquatics facility, basketball gymnasium and much more. They have preschool and youth activities, as well as a variety of exciting adult classes, programs and special events. The JCC was recently voted #1 by South Florida Parenting magazine. Membership includes the use of both Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach facilities and start as low as $15.00 per month.


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The neighboring developments in the vicinity of the Chabad of Boynton Beach have housing options for everyone. Boynton Beach is a vibrant area which has experienced massive infrastructure growth and development in the past five years. The Chabad campus is centrally situated on El Clair Ranch Road between Boynton Beach Blvd.and Woolbright Road, 1 block east of Jog Road. Walking distance to the shul are numerous residential developments appealing to a wide range of tastes, preferences and budgets from country club-living to active adult communities, from estate homes for large families to condo seekers seeking great value and the terrific quality of life in this kehillah.





* Source: 2005 Demographic surveys conducted by the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County and the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. Studies were performed by Dr. Ira M. Sheskin, Director of the Jewish Demography Project at the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies at the University of Miami. Sheskin, a professor of geography, is the nation’s leading expert on Jewish demography, having conducted 38 major studies of Jewish communities throughout the country.